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Countdown: Sixty Days…

July 5, 2011

In 60 days…the quest to have Homer return to the set of ESPN GameDay begins


Baby Mama Drama

June 29, 2011

Mike Haywood was the football coach at Pitt for a grand total of 16 days.  I don’t think I need to recap what happened, as it was pretty well documented everywhere.  16 days, middle school relationships last longer than that.  But apparently this isn’t over, at least not according to Haywood and his team of lawyers.  News broke last night that Haywood has requested the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and other state and federal agencies to investigate the university’s firing of him.

The Post-Gazette has an interesting article here regarding this.  There are a couple of points which jumped out to me:

“The day after Haywood was arrested, Chancellor Mark Nordenberg met with key members of the administration and some of the university lawyers. It was decided unanimously that Haywood should not only be fired, he should have his contract terminated without any further compensation because his actions violated the morals clause of his contract.”

So this wasn’t decided over a couple of beers at Hemingways?  Who would of thought?

…Nordenberg, the former Dean of Pitt’s Law school and thus presumably has a keen understanding and significant experience with the law and legal matters…

Hmmmm…former Dean of Law School.  Nope, he doesn’t know anything about contracts, nothing at all.  (Oh wait, this is the internet, let me be clear that that sentence is sarcasm).

After Haywood’s termination Steve Pederson, our great and fearless Athletic Director, stated publicly that Haywood was terminated due to the morals clause in his contract.  He also stated that all coaches have similar clauses in their contracts.  I’ll take this opportunity to note that Jamie Dixon pulls people from their wrecked cars on the side of the road.  Just sayin’.

I’m not sure how all of this will end, but I feel pretty confident that the lawyers the University employs know their stuff.  Regardless, something tells me this legal battle will last longer than Haywood’s career as head coach here at Pitt.

102 Days Until Kickoff…

May 23, 2011

The Horse We Would Bet On Today Is…

May 21, 2011

Perhaps the best named horse in all of all time…Wannstache!


Wannstache is owned by Casey Christ…the daughter of Mike Christ, who lettered for Pitt in the early 80’s.  Wannstache is 4 years old and last known to be racing at Arlington Park just outside of Chicago…a great place for a horse with a great name.

For more photos, check out our Facebook photo gallery sent to us by the Christs and friends back in 2009.

Would You Like To Play A Game?

May 5, 2011

Pitt has a put up a great “Sweet Caroline” montage on YouTube from the past couple seasons with shots of the student section singing.  Your mission is to see if you can find yourself in the video and let us know the timestamps of where you are.  Most references in the video win!…a shoutout on the blog.

(Bonus points go to anyone who knows where the title of this post came from)

Questions For Coach Graham? Send Them Over!

April 26, 2011

This Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm, Coach Graham will join Ken Laird on TribLIVE Radio.  If you have any questions for Coach Graham, email us at and we will pass them along to Ken before then.  Be sure to tune in for what will certainly be a high octane interview!