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Your TFW NCAA Tournament Championship Primer

April 4, 2011

UConn vs. Butler.

Pitt’s final 2 losses of the season.  A combined 3 points and 1.7 seconds is all that separated Pitt from moving on in both the BIG EAST and NCAA tournaments.  Instead, Pitt was left walking into the locker room in each game with their heads hung low.  Except for Gary McGhee, he couldn’t walk after the UConn loss on 2 broken ankles.

We still love you Gary.

So as Pitt fans, who do we root for?  Some say we should be rooting for Butler, the team that knocked us out of the tournament so we can say Pitt lost to the best team.  To me, that would just be more depressing, then thinking of the possibilities of what could of happened had we only beaten Butler.

So that leaves UConn.  Ugh.  Really?  The team we hate all season long?  The team coached by Jim Calhoun, who will be suspended for three games next season for NCAA violations, who argued with reporters over his salary, and whose likeness Pitt vendors turned into a towel?

Yup.  THAT UConn team.  Why?  Because this has nothing to do with Jim Calhoun or Kemba Walker.  This is about the BIG EAST.  This is about representing the conference.  This is about shoving it back in the faces of all of those analysts and reporters talking crap on the BIG EAST when only 2 of 11 teams remained.


This is also about sticking it in the faces of those fans who got all up-ity at the same time, saying that the ACC was then a better conference simply because it had 3 teams in the Sweet 16 compared to the BIG EAST’s 2.

It should be noted I called him a fan and not an analyst.  Yeah.  It should also be noted that while the ACC has 5 National Championships since 1999 and the BIG EAST only has 3, the BIG EAST is undefeated in National Championship games.  The ACC has lost twice during that span…to UConn.

Tonight, it is all about #BigEastSolidarity.

Go Huskies.


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