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Let The Ashton Gibbs Watch Begin

March 29, 2011

Well the news dropped this morning…

Adam later went on to clarify “Pitt guard Ashton Gibbs has not hired an agent and will test NBA waters.”

So yeah, there it is.  News no Panther fan wanted to hear, especially in a year in which we are already losing three starters to graduation.  Does it mean he is going to go for sure?  Definitely not.  Sam Young did the same thing after his junior year.  By not hiring an agent, underclassmen are able to retain their eligibility by withdrawing before the May 8th deadline.  On the opposite side of the spectrum though, this is exactly how the DeJuan Blair saga started out as well.  Testing the waters, not hiring an agent…a few weeks later, he was as good as gone.  The good news is that most college basketball experts believe that Gibbs is more likely a Sam Young case than a DeJuan Blair case:

Gibbs is taking advantage of a system in which he can receive feedback from NBA teams, so what does he have to lose?  Nothing really.  Hopefully it will make him a better player next season.  We just have to wait for this process to pass and hope for no surprises.  Until then, Panther fans everywhere will be a little on edge.  Thus we present to you:

The Aston Gibbs “NBA Draft Withdrawal” Clock

So here is how this is going to work.  Early entrants  have until April 24th to declare for the NBA Draft.  A list of these entrants will be provided to NBA teams a few days later.  After April 29th(11:59 pm Eastern) is when NBA teams can begin conducting or attending working with the early entrants.  The early entrants then have until May 8th to withdraw from the NBA draft or they lose their remaining NCAA eligibility.  (Info provided by

Now we wait…TiK ToK…on the clock…


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