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Happy New Years! Coach Haywood Was Arrested!

January 1, 2011

Wow, so in the few hours that we leave the computer and bowl games for New Years Eve, go out and enjoy a big happy Wannstache family celebration, have a few drinks, and watch the painful Dick Clark New Year’s special, we hear that Mike Haywood was arrested on a domestic violence charge in South Bend, IN.  He is being held without bond.

Fantastic.  Happy New Years!

So what is Pitt, the university that kicks players off the team for assault on women, going to do?  Right now, nothing until further information is available according to the Athletic Department.

“The University of Pittsburgh is aware of an alleged incident involving head football coach Michael Haywood today in South Bend, Indiana. The University expects the highest standards of conduct from its employees, including its coaches, and any breach of those standards is a very serious matter. The University will decline further comment until more complete information is available.”

We all know the reasons AD Steve Pederson brought in Haywood…discipline, accountability, and character…and he made it sound pretty clear that these qualities were lacking during the Wannstache era.  So now, just weeks into Haywood’s tenure, before the team is even his, he finds himself in a very unfortunate predicament where these qualities are already severely compromised in the court of public opinion. Now, there two possible verdicts are:

Guilty = screwed anyways.

Not Guilty = still putting himself in a situation that highly embarrasses the university, puts doubt into the minds of parents whose sons he is recruiting, and creates the possibility of losing a team of current players who didn’t want to give up the coach they already loved.

From Twitter and the message boards, it sounds like what fan support Haywood did build up after the letdown of Pederson’s “splash” hire is now gone.  The tough sell just became that much tougher.  Honestly, we wanted to like Mike Haywood when he was hired.  We really did.  We watched the MAC Championship game the night he was hired to see how his team played, and we liked a lot of what we saw.  But after all of this, we don’t know if we can buy back into the bullshit.  Not just against Haywood, but in the comedy of errors that has been the month of December by this university.

So where does Pitt go from here?  Guilty or not, is Haywood putting himself in the middle of this public relations nightmare a breach of the standards the university holds so dear?  Let us say that it’s not too late to hit the “RESET” button on this whole mess and make a clean break, not just from Haywood…but from Pederson as well.  Like it or not, Pederson tied himself to his next hire when he fired a coach who won 26 games over the past three seasons.  On December 15th, the day Haywood was hired, we even tweeted that:

Our guess is now the latter choice.  For once, Bob Smizik agrees with us.  Just never thought we would be discussing this decision on 1/1/11.

  1. January 1, 2011 11:09 am

    I wish we had rich alums that cared about football. We need to go hard after Tom Bradley . . .

  2. January 1, 2011 2:52 pm

    Was never big on Bradley, especially now that he was even passed up for a HC job at Temple

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