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Gameweek Syracuse: The More You Know

October 14, 2010

Opponent: Syracuse Orange (4-1, 1-0).  They used to be the Orangemen, but in 2004-2005, they had their manhood stripped from them to be more gender-neutral.

Kickoff: Saturday, October 16th, 12:00pm

Mascot: Otto the Orange.  The link includes an appearance request form and tryout information.

Coach: Greg Marrone, who is now entering his second season as head coach of the Orange.  While still finishing last in the Big East last season, it is important to notice he is NOT Greg Robinson!  That’s just good for the BIG EAST.

Conference: The Big East.  Sorry, the BIG EAST.  Have you ever noticed that in official press releases, that the BIG EAST conference only refers to itself in all capital letters?  No other conference does that when using their full name and not abbreviation.  Seriously, check out, it’s all over the place.

Series: 32-30-3.  Pitt has won the last five games against the Orange, all five coming in the Wannstache Era.  The Orange are the only team in the Big East that the Wannstache has not lost to.

TV/Radio: BIG EAST Game of the Week!  That’s right folks, Pitt/Syracuse has been designated a nooner to be broadcast on a set of regional television channels throughout the east coast known as the BIG EAST Network (not to be confused with an actual TV network like the Big Ten network that has actual content).  Check your local listings.  Otherwise, you can always tune into if your internet service provider paid a lot of money to ESPN for the rights to use the service so you can watch the game.  In the Pittsburgh area, you can also listen the Billy Hillgrove and Bill Fralic on 93.7 The Fan.

Bloggers: We were shocked at the sheer number of Syracuse sports blogs that exist out there.  We counted over a dozen.  But through the wonderful world of Twitter, we have become most familiar with Orange::44, Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, and the very interesting Hoya Suxa.  Hoya Suxa’s entire purpose is based on a quote by former First Lady of the United States, Abigail Adams:  “[Georgetown] is the very dirtiest hole I ever saw for a place of any trade, or respectability of inhabitants.” Hoya Suxa lives for the Syracuse/Georgetown basketball game.  We just don’t understand how you can have such a dislike for one school in sport and have it carry over into other sports against other teams [P-E-N-N-S-T-Sucks!].  For a good time, you can follow them on Twitter at @BH_Orange44, @NunesMagician, and @HoyaSuxa.

Fun Facts: Sean Keeley, the founder of Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician also wrote a book this past year entitled “How To Grow An Orange: The Right Way To Brainwash Your Child Into Becoming A Syracuse Fan”.  As much as we like to mock our opponents and their fans, thats pretty kick ass.  We wanted to read the book before this game to tell you more about it, but that didn’t happen considering we just bought it today.  Regardless, what we have gotten through so far is pretty entertaining…so you should get your own copy from Barnes & Noble (click the cover):

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