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Gameweek Notre Dame: The More You Know

October 9, 2010

Opponent: Notre Dame Fighting Irish (2-3)

Kickoff: Saturday, October 9th, 3:30pm

Mascot: The Leprechaun

Coach: Brian Kelly, former Cincinnati head coach until he left prior to their BCS bowl game after a 12-0 start.  Stay classy Brian Kelly.

Conference: Independent.  The Irish are in the Big East for all other sports and they are eligible for the Big East’s bowl games…but they feel they might lose money in a conference.

Series: 20-44-1.  However, the Panthers have won their last two games against the Irish, and the last two games at Notre Dame stadium…including the infamous Tyler Palko game.

TV/Radio: NBC, Notre Dame’s own private college football network and famous for the 4½ minute commercial break.  Word is that Brian Kelly complained that these commercial breaks would interfere with his offense so he had NBC change them.  Kinda like how he complained last year at Heinz Field when the PA announcers would play “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” right up until each kickoff until we had to change it for him after halftime.

Bloggers: Found a couple of your standard blogs: The Rakes of Mallow and The Subway Domer.  But our favorite by far has been The House Rock Built.  These guys have created a series of Notre Dame puppet videos called “Stuffing The Passer” that they seem to produce weekly during the season.  Here is our favorite:

Fun Facts: You know the scene at the end of Rudy when he gets carried off the field for making one play?  Did you always have the impression from the movie that it was their final game of the season?  Well it wasn’t.  It was their final home game, but the Irish had to play 2 more road games.  The following week, they traveled to Pittsburgh where the Panthers handed them a 34-20 butt whoopin’.  Did we ruin the movie for you?  How about now…ESPN Page 2: Waking Up Rudy’s Echoes

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