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OPERATION: Jenn Brown Needs A Wannstache T-Shirt

September 17, 2010

Not the most elegant or compact name for an OPERATION, but it is pretty self explanatory.  But let us explain anyways…

Early last season, The Fighting Wannstaches traveled to State College, PA.  Now why on earth would Pitt fans travel to Penn State you ask?  Well the answer is simple…ESPN College GameDay was broadcasting live that week for the Penn State/Iowa game and we had a plan.  After a trip to Home Depot, Kinkos, and Staples, and standing outside for several hours, we had accomplished our goal for that day…

…of showing the nation that we were The Fighting Wannstaches.  Throughout the year, the word of who we were continued to spread across the college football landscape.  But that was last year.

This year is a different story.  We don’t have to travel anywhere to start things off.  ESPN is coming to our turf.  This Thursday night…The University of Miami…Primetime.  What better stage to show a national TV audience who we are and our pride in the Wannstache.  And who better to help us than the newest member of ESPN’s Thursday night crew…

Jenn Brown…only she doesn’t know it yet.

So for the next 7 days leading up to the Miami game, we need your help.  We need to find way to let Jenn know who The Fighting Wannstaches are, what we are all about, and how to get her one of our t-shirts.  All ideas are welcome!

For starters, it seems we may be able to reach Jenn on Twitter at @JennBrownESPN and possibly on her website at, so that is the route we are going to take and we encourage you all to do the same…strength in numbers!  But if anyone has an uncle who works as a cameraman for ESPN and is working the game, that would surely help as well.  But whatever you do, just remember that this is all in good fun, so stay classy Pittsburgh.

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  1. September 20, 2010 10:21 pm

    This must happen.

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